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Lightering Services 

A Ship to Ship transfer operation should be under the advisory control of one individual (the person in overall advisory control), who will be either one of the Masters concerned, or an STS Superintendent.

The Object of Marine Caribbean Offshore Services is to act as a Ship to Ship (STS) Service provider company, in this case that specializes in providing services for the safe control of STS operations.

  • Requirements to conduct a STS operation

Where an STS transfer operation is to be arranged within the territorial waters or, in some cases, the EZZ of a country, the organizer should check local and national regulations and may need to gain appropriate approval.

Marine Caribbean Offshore Services ensures that all STS transfers are coordinated in accordance with ICS / OCIMF STS Transfer Guide and STS Transfer Guide (Liquefied GASES), in a consistently safe and efficient manner. Marine Caribbean Offshore Services considers that Health Safety and Environmental protection are the three most important factors of each operation as we deliver a service to our clients satisfaction. Marine Caribbean Offshore Services have extensive experience of STS operations world wide