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STS Operation

We ensures that all STS transfers operations are coordinated in accordance with ICS / OCIMF STS Transfer Guide and STS Transfer Guide (Liquefied GASES), in a consistently safe and efficient manner. We considers that Health Safety and Environmental protection are the three most important factors of each operation as we deliver a service to our clients satisfaction.

We have extensive experience of STS operations world wide

Commodity Trading

Whether you need to conduct a Ship to Ship operation or you are looking for Bunker Fuel or Petrol products to buy or sell, Marine Caribbean Offshore Services ensures to get the job done.

Digital Finance

we are pioneers in delivering innovative solutions tailored to meet the evolving financial needs of our clients.

Our commitment to excellence and our deep understanding of traditional banking practices, coupled with our expertise in digital finance and blockchain technology, sets us apart as a transformative force in the financial industry.

Oil Spil Solutions

When our team works together we glide forward easily even if an oil spill occur which we will always prevent at any cost.

Our Partners has develops an oil spill solutions (natural raw-material) for pollution control.

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The Ship to Ship (STS) transfer of crude oil and petroleum cargoes has become common practice in the maritime world. 

Such operations may take place when one ship is at anchor or when both are underway. In general, the expression includes the approach man oeuvre, berthing, mooring, hose connecting, safe procedures for cargo transfer, hose disconnecting, unmooring and departure man oeuvre. 

We may also participate as intermediate in the trade, including wholesale, distribute and future trade of raw materials, crude oil, semi-finished products and finished products of whatever nature or digital form.

We ensure the commodity is gained with the least amount of stress for any potential clients.

A Ship to Ship transfer operation should be under the advisory control of one individual (the person in overall advisory control), who will be either one of the Masters concerned, or an STS Superintendent.  The Object of Marine Caribbean Offshore Services is to act as a Ship to Ship (STS) Service provider company, in this case that specializes in providing services for the safe control of STS operations.

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Join us on a journey where traditional wisdom converges with the innovation of blockchain technology. At Marine Caribbean Offshore Services, we don’t just adapt to change; we drive it. Let us be your partner in STS operations and trading as to navigate through the dynamic financial landscape, as we work together to achieve your financial aspirations, now and in the years to come.